Things That Go Vroom

On my drive to the studio this morning I had an exciting automotive experience, and it had nothing to do with my own car. This will be one of those things that either you can relate to or not.

I spotted a 458 Italia on the road, out in the wild, as it were.

The word spot here is limited. The car was barely in my field of vision long enough for me to recognize the flexible aerodynamic winglets and know it was indeed a 458. The song of its V8 came faintly before the Ferrari appeared from beyond the blind corner ahead, and then it buzzed past my car. That sound rising and then falling away just as quickly. That screaming exhaust  stayed with me for hours.

I had to pull over so I could text a friend. Someone I knew would be equally excited about the sighting — another car nut.

Afterwards I got to thinking about how important sound is to the overall experience of cars. That even a terrible car can be exciting, can raise the hairs in the back of your neck, and quicken the heartbeat if it sounds good. As proof I submit all the modified exhausts systems that can be found lewdly sticking out the back ends of nearly every car at the local high school.

I am sure that the 458 doesn’t just sound good, I’m sure sure it’s great to drive. For the moment I need to be satisfied with the memory of that sound.

Electric sports cars have got one hell of a hump to get over.

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