Working all the Angles

If you drop in on a photography critique you might hear a mantra repeated over and over, a directive to simplify a composition. Photography is the art of exclusion, or leaving out of the frame things that are not important to tell that story. It is the reason that advertising images are careful orchestrated and […]

A Swell Day to be Outdoors

Right now in Philadelphia we are “enjoying” an Excessive Heat Warning, but a few weeks ago the weather was much more comfortable and I was able to meet Fred Ritter, of SWELL, for a short portrait shoot outdoors in University City. We wanted to match the feel of photographs I had done earlier of SWELL’s […]

Dinner and a Show

Is it common for most people to think their Dad as a rock star? Mine definitely has earned that status in his industry. My father’s restaurant career spans five decades and two separate countries. When he first set foot in a Philadelphia dining room he didn’t speak the language and was starting again at the very […]