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Recognizing Achievement

Last month Penn’s School of Engineering held their yearly ceremony recognizing the achievements their graduate and undergraduate students. The atmosphere of the room was very warm and you could genuinely feel that all the students, faculty, and administrators present felt proud to recognize each other’s achievements. Just two weeks later some of these students also […]

Easter Traditions

My brother Alberto knows how to celebrate a holiday. He goes more than a little overboard for Christmas (his ceiling is permanently marked by branch scrapes directly above the spot where every year he decorates an impossibly oversized live tree); every year he is in competition with himself to outdo last Halloween’s display (he will […]

A Beautiful Place for Worship

I first came to Trinity Lutheran Church last year, while on assignment for the ELCA¬†and I fell in love with the congregation’s beautiful, 178-year-old historic building. I asked for permission to return and photograph the building and a couple of weeks ago I was able to do just that. Like a lot of churches recently, […]

Eating Well Locally

The best business ideas are born from realizing that there is something you yourself want and there is no one out there providing it yet. My friends, Kristin Wolak and Scott Harnish, were frustrated with the food choices in their neighborhood and decided to do something about it. Kristin and Scott were also looking to […]